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Travel Updates and Newsletter


July 17th 


We made it to Tilbury after a long journey, and  the people and the atmosphere was amazing. Everybody was kind, enthusiastic, and very easy to talk to. Tomorrow we will be heading to  Camp Hope in Manitoba. 


July 18th


We woke up bright and early to head up to Camp Hope and when we arrived we were greeted by the Owner Walter Hiebert. He is such a kind and generous man, unfortunately we did not speak but we will be hitting it on the way back for the grand opening on July 30the and 31st. But we did go to Monstrosity Burger and we interviewed to the owners Paulina and Dave. We gave them a humanitarian award for their courage to stay open for Canadian rights.  Visit our Facebook page to check out the live stream for the award ceremony.


July 20th 


Today we interviewed Stephen Dabbagh who was a firefighter for 20 years until he resigned under duress due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Him and 18 other firefighters are suing the city of Calgary for 38 million dollars, rightfully so Adopt a Trucker rewarded him a humanitarian certificate for his brave sacrifice and courage to stand up for freedom. Check back in a couple of days where you can watch the whole interview here.

July 21st

Tonight we spoke at our friend Richard's store and everybody was so welcoming and accepting. They were all laughing, smiling, and just having an overall good time. At the end of the night we gave Richard a humanitarian award for letting us speak and share the gospel.

July 22nd

Today we headed into Vancouver to speak at the freedom rally on Howe street and it was amazing, we gave the hosts humanitarian awards for their amazing dedication and commitment to setting everything up. Check back tomorrow where we will talk about speaking at the Dutch farmer's rally.

July 23rd

Today was the most energetic, blood rushing, marvelous day for us and all the other freedom fighters out there. I would like to personally thank the amazing Vancouver police, they were so kind and understanding we really appreciate it.  We gave Chris Sky and his amazing wife Jennifer a Humanitarian Award for being the most enthusiastic freedom loving people out there. To everyone who bought shirts, donated, and signed our flag, thank you so much for all the amazing energy you bestowed upon us. Without your charitable donations we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing now. So from every inch of our hearts, thank you.

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