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Behind the Convoy
This is a view that not many see
Behind all the noise is a structure of an organization that MSM refuses to acknowledge. In just a matter of days, ONE Man stood up for his family and Canada and took on the momentous task of planning to feed park and generally take care of an unknown number of truckers. With just a few days' notice, he was called upon to build an infrastructure lias with authorities who had even less idea of what was coming. It was up to him to do it all this is his story along with his unbelievable have taken on this mantle. I am proud to say these two people are my friends this is their story.

You could say this is their story but it's much much more than that it's the story of Canadians who stood up when called who stood up when needed be big or small the task had to be and YES they did and agree with the protest or not you should be proud to say these are Canadians and they were called upon to literally keep these truckers dry warm and fed they did it.

At the end of all this, THEY WERE JUST CANADIANS doing what Canadians do HELP EACH OTHER

One man has achieved the impossible against ALL ODDS This is his story told in words picture and videos
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